Weight loss has always been a problem for all generations. Most people suffer from acute weight gain either due to health issues or unhealthy eating habits.

Reducing weight or being slim or fit is everyone’s goal and desire. Most times, we turn to weight loss treatments that at times include heavy medication or other methods to reduce weight. While these might show instant results, it is not completely good for the health as well. A sudden drop in weight is never a good sign. The best and efficient way to reduce weight is to do it gradually and doing it through the most natural way, i.e., altering your diet.

What we eat, how we sleep, what we do every day determines a lot of what your body can do to you. Treat your body like a temple. The very first question dealing with bodyweight is ‘What do we eat?’ What goes through your oesophagus decides what happens to your body from the inside. We often compromise our health for taste. It is not wrong that a human being is lured with it for there are thousands of taste buds on one’s tongue, and it is tough to stay away from something that one finds so good and gets addicted to it. With time, people have experimented and created numerous recipes that have often ended up blowing our minds that we would want to have it again and again.


Food is the fuel to our body, and without it, we would hardly have any energy to work or do any tasks. We might even lack proper thinking as our brain too, feeds on the fuel that we take it. Having the right choices of food is utterly essential. Our blood has vessels and fibres that work in absorbing the vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. The digestive system grinds the food we eat and mixes it with the liquids produced by our body. When the digestion happens, the carbohydrates and fats are broken down and converted to glucose.

People have different choices of food. These choices mainly depend on the staple food available in that region and the climate that governs their body. Indians have diverse cuisine when compared to the western part of the world. We, since time immemorial, were known to have healthy, nutrient-rich food items loaded with high amounts of carbs and proteins. Here are some of the food items from the Indian diet chart that will help reduce weight to a great extent without causing any side effects.


Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. It’s that time when your digestive system wakes up after a good hibernation. You can have these items to start if you are looking to lose your weight:

#1. Idlis

These steamed cakes are incredibly healthy as it has zero bad fat. Idlis are generally eaten with sambar that is loaded with proteins and vegetables that has significant nutrient factors.

#2. Poha

Poha is light, yet tummy filling. This should be the first option if you are planning to start a weight loss schedule. It is low in calories and easy-to-digest. This item has excellent probiotic factors and improves your gut which is essential for digestion.

#3. Dhokla

Made of basen, this serves as a great source of protein. Like idlis, dhoklas are steamed, and hence there’s no worry of cholesterol. Moreover, fermented foods are easier to digest.


#1. Vegetable Salad

Salads are light and give the right amount of calories and minerals depending on the choice of vegetables you choose. Carrots are great for eyes and cucumber gives the right amount of water content for the body. Green peas, lettuce is high in vitamin C, magnesium and calcium.

#2. Roti

Rotis make the best choice of the main course when made with a light amount of ghee or butter. It is best to make it with olive oil than opting for any diary product. One or two rotis with the right amount of salad will make a healthy choice for lunch.

#3. Dal

A plant-based diet is often loaded with the right and proper quantities of proteins and vitamins. Moong dal, masoor dal or kulthi ki dal are the best options to include in a diet to shed that extra fat from your body. They are packed with fibres.


Most people make the mistake of stuffing themselves with heavy dinner. One needs to understand that there’s a minimal time post-dinner that you are awake and do any physical activity. This gives little time for the digestive system to process any food. It is essential to keep your dinner subtle and especially with zero fat in the platter. Also, avoid meat and carbonated drinks and other unhealthy items at dinner.

#1. Upma

Upma is the easiest and the healthiest choice for dinner. The rava used in making upma is rich in iron and vitamin B. The best part is that it has zero calories.

#2. Ragi Dosa

Ragi or multi-grain dosa is made of millets and other essential grains that offer healthy fat and protein. The amount of fat in ragi is lower than that is in other grains. It is a good substitute for wheat and rice. This helps cut down the carbs that one gets from rice. It contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps reduce the appetite.

#3. Brown Rice

Brown rice is gluten-free and is super better than the regular white rice. It has the least amount of carbs than the usual white rice and can be taken for any meal. It is highly nutritious and has a high number of vitamins.

Things to Keep in Mind

Understanding the precise science behind the concept of weight loss is very important. It is all about consuming and burning out calories. You lose weight when you consume lesser calories. On the other hand, you gain weight when you consume more calories and do not burn the required amount to keep it balanced. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you follow a routine to lose weight:

  • Keep breakfast lite, lunch heavy and dinner lighter than your lunch.
  • Quit fat and junk foods
  • Try and reduce or eliminate any meat and other animal products.
  • Add lots of greens in the food.
  • Avoid fruit juices as they contain high amounts of sugar.
  • Ditch candy bars, cakes, ice creams and other items with sugars.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise daily – a 15-minute walk or jog will always help for starters.
  • Do not over-eat and leave the gap between every meal for the food to process


Losing weight can, at times, be very stressful, but you will have to do it for a healthy lifestyle eventually. Take it not a challenge but a routine to derive the best of the heath from your body.

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