Fitness Bootcamp

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Our fitness Bootcamp has helped several thousands of people achieve health, weight loss goals. We at Slam Fitness Studio promise to deliver maximum results in no time.



What is a bootcamp fitness class?

In a bootcamp workout, basic military training exercises are incorporated that are intense circuit workouts. The idea is to build strength and endurance in a short time. These exercises vary with a gap of a few seconds between each of the exercises.


How much does fitness boot camp cost?

Fitness boot camps vary from place to place. There can be a difference in how they conduct or the kind of workouts they prescribe. The cost for this however depends on the trainer and the fitness studio that offers the camp.


Are fitness bootcamps worth it?

It is a completely subjective opinion. For those who can take out an intense workout session bootcamps are amazing while others find it extremely difficult to cope. However, the general opinion is that bootcamps are great as they help build strength and burns calories in a lesser time.