20 Proven Weight Loss Tips That You Should Try

Overweight or being obese is something that many of us struggle within today’s world. Gone are the days when people were involved in tedious manual work that made them balance the food intake to that of the body.

The 20th and the 21st Century have seen drastic lifestyle changes that no longer complement our body and health.

We are all occupied with a lot of work that we hardly take time to look after our body. It’s not merely about looks but also a great deal to do with health as a whole. 

It is never too late to work on your body, for it is what keeps you going in life. While there are many ways to work on your body and bring it back in shape, some of them work out. Be it diet or physical exercise we all have to spend time to see results.

Here are the top 20 proven weight loss tips for you:

1. Drink Water before food

Water is a great source to boost metabolism. If you are looking to reduce weight, then get into a habit of drinking water before your meals. Half litre of water before an hour of taking meals can help you burn calories.

2. Say yes to black coffee

Milk is one item with immense amounts of fats, and this can, in the long run, result in serious health issues. Ditch milk and grab that hot black coffee that helps boost metabolism and remember, black coffee is loaded with antioxidants that aids in good health.

3. Green Tea every day

Another great tip to bring down those extra pounds is by taking a cup of green tea every day. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and catechins that work in burning fat.

4. Load yourself with fibres

Veggies, fruits, whole grains and beans are all loaded with fibres. Increasing your fibre intake helps you shed those extra pounds quickly.

5. Ditch unhealthy fat

Fatty foods like milk, cheese, butter, all contribute to many health problems, including heart problems at later points in life. Adding healthy fats like that from nuts is a great option to aid in weight loss and get the right amount of good fat.

6. Focused Eating

It is essential to know and understand what you eat—ditch watching TV or doing some other activity while eating your food. Concentrate on what you eat so you will see the quantity you consume. Conscious eating is the first step toward healthy eating.

7. Walk to drop

Many people believe that intense exercise alone will help them lose weight. But in reality, just a 30 min walk every day is more than enough to shed your weight. Of course, you can incorporate exercises and workouts but then start with a few minutes of walking to prep your body to a new physical change.

8. Add more proteins

A protein-rich breakfast can keep your stomach occupied for a longer time and will not make you frequently hungry. It can be as simple as loading your platter with hummus or some scrambled eggs or a cereal bowl.

9. Stay focused and shop healthy

It is common to get tempted but then it is good to keep an eye for healthy snacks and not buy junk like chips and pastries. If you want to work on your body, you should first work on your habits.

10. Make mindful eating your habit

Like mentioned previously, it is crucial to see what you eat. Have focused and mindful eating for the body to process it the right way. Explore how each food tastes. Let your body understand the kind of food you are eating. Eating slowly and enjoying every bite will surely give you great results. Slow eating will also stop you from overeating because you tend to chew your food correctly and thoroughly.

11. Heavy Lifting

Weight lifting aids in toning your muscles and body. Though brisk walking helps reduce weight if you are looking to shape your body while reducing the weight, lifting weights can significantly help you.

12. Set small goals

Never get over-excited and overwhelmed reading transformation stories and videos. It is good to watch them get some inspiration but not entirely advisable to set unrealistic goals and push yourself beyond the natural limits. This can tamper with your body and let you down mentally for not achieving them.

13. Intermittent fasting

Many people often get to the habit of intermittent fasting. This is a fasting pattern where you eat food only at particular intervals and have liquids or light juices or fast for a while.

14. Cut down extra sugar

If you have the habit of adding that one extra spoon of sugar, get rid of that habit. Studies show that sugar is related to high risks of encountering obesity. Always read the label before you buy any processed food or any other snack. Even healthy foods sometimes have added sugar in them for the sweet taste.

15. Buddy Up for better results

Doing things on your own sometimes might seem boring and monotonous. Buddy up with someone who is also looking to shed some pounds. Together make some meal plans and workout plans. Share your results, motivate each other and stay supportive.

16. Healthy snack:

No matter what, it is natural to get hungry sometimes even after a good meal. For times like this, keep a snack box packed with healthy foods like nuts and berries or some fruit. This will stop you from munching some junk.

17. Sleep like a baby

Yes, it is vital to get quality sleep. Even if you sleep for like lesser hours, make sure you get quality sleep. This can be done by making sure of putting aside your phone or doing some meditation. Quality sleep matters a lot in your body healing.

18. Don’t starve

One major mistake that many people do in the journey of weight loss is starving themselves. It is not right to do so. Your body needs food and healthy food. Make sure you eat limited at various intervals and not starve.

19. Add more veggies

The best thing about the weight-loss journey is that you get to add more vegetables and fruits. Greens also aid in building a healthy body and stronger bones.

20. Make time and appreciate yourself

Last but not least, self-love. Understand your body needs; make sure it gets the right amount of food and water. It is okay to take it slow. Even if you reduce one kilo, then appreciate those efforts that you have taken for it.

Weight-loss is something that many people concentrate on these days. Instead of regretting later, if you invest your time and energy into doing smaller things today, you will indeed find a significant difference.

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