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Slam is one of the best fitness centers in Chennai. Our customized designs will help to enjoy the best experience of your life. We offer a wide range of services like functional training, fitness bootcamp, body transformation, weight loss, weight gain and more.

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10 Simple Weight Gain Exercises [Expert tips]

10 Simple Weight Gain Exercises [Expert tips]

Introduction There are many factors that are involved in why it is difficult for some people to gain weight despite trying. But it is also important to try weight-gaining exercises that will help you build core and lean muscle mass, which automatically leads to...

6 List of Fitness Boot Camps in Chennai

6 List of Fitness Boot Camps in Chennai

Introduction We get it, going to the gym every day and working on the same old boring workout schedule can get frustrating and exhausting after a while. Well, that’s exactly why fitness boot camps were founded. That, and also for some high-intensity and strength...

5 Tips to Build your Muscles

5 Tips to Build your Muscles

Introduction Most people who are lean by nature have plenty of difficulties in gaining weight due to several reasons. Those factors are sometimes external or self-induced. They can be genetics, food habits, high metabolism, type 1 diabetes, medications or treatments,...

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