Why Is It Necessary To Have A Personal Fitness Trainer?

The generation that’s running behind fitness

Fitness today has become an integral part of one’s life. Especially with an increasing number of people leading a sedentary lifestyle amongst the current generation, more and more have begun to contract and battle lifestyle-based diseases including obesity, diabetes and more.

Fitness is associated with two things today – health and looks. When it comes to health, the kilograms matter more than it does when it comes to looks. But when dug deeper, fitness requires a holistic approach, with equal importance given to both activities and the food intake.

The kind of food you consume does have an impact on your appearance. But we say choose to get fit to get and stay healthier, which will automatically improve the quality of your skin and the build of your body. This will not only keep you at the pinkest of your health but will also keep you at the greenest of your mood.

The different routes to the destination

There are ‘N’ number of ways to get fit in terms of the options of activities available, but inevitably, all of them include a balanced diet to see the best results. You can either build your own set of exercises using trial and error or opt for a personal fitness trainer or even pick one of the best fitness centres near you, as gym trainers have the experience of working with different kinds of people, and are considered experts in fitness. 

When it comes to exercises for weight loss, there are four main types of exercises you can consider – Aerobic/endurance, strength, balance, and stretch/flexibility.

It is important to have a mix of exercises from all four types, for a wholesome fitness experience.

1. Aerobics/endurance

Endurance is basically cardiovascular exercises. You can assess how strong your aerobic ability is by climbing a flight of stairs. If you end up panting while climbing at a normal pace, it means that you need to focus more on cardio exercises. These are movements that will raise and maintain your heartbeat. Gym trainers generally suggest an average person does at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises, 4-5 times a week. 

2. Strength training

Strength training should not be the only type of exercise you do. It should always be balanced with other kinds of exercises. Strength training focuses on building muscles and increases lean muscle mass and makes you stronger, which helps burn fat, makes the bones and joints stronger, improves posture and tones the body overall.

Strength training can be done with bodyweight and also using weight-equipment. In case you are using equipment, it is recommended to take the help of a gym trainer or a personal fitness trainer, who can guide you right and prevent you from getting injured.

3. Balance

As we age, balance tends to become a concern, which is why starting to work on your balance when you’re young is very important. Working on your balance helps you build it up, and as you grow older, you will be more mobile and can manage balance related issues better. To work on your balance, you can take up yoga, pilates or tai chi. 

4. Flexibility

Flexibility exercises can help you maintain a wide range of motion. With high flexibility, you will be able to move about freely, without any restrictions. Stretch exercises are usually neglected, without being given much importance, but it is an integral part of fitness. 

Personal Training

Personal training is said to be one of the best ways in which you can lose weight. A professional gym trainer will have more experience with overall fitness and in working with and helping a lot of people get healthier and fitter. This way they would have seen quite a lot of body types, and are well-versed with the kind of training one must undergo.

Personal fitness trainers will help in building a custom training program. They will take care of your fitness regime end-to-end and will act as your powerhouse of motivation. Moreover, the best advantage of working with a personal trainer is that you can get to be uninhibited about being wrong.

Why a personal fitness trainer?

Personal trainers definitely have an upper hand over trainers in gyms. They surely have the expertise to come up with regimes better than individuals who train themselves. We give you reasons as to why you should opt to work with a personal fitness trainer if you are seriously looking to get fitter. 

1. They help you set realistic goals

Personal fitness trainers help you set realistic and achievable goals, as they will first diagnose your fitness level before they go on to build a plan for you. They look at your endurance, flexibility and balance before they go on to start training you. 

2. They are qualified to educate you

Most personal fitness trainers also work part-time as gym trainers in regular gyms and work with a group of people. They are qualified to educate and train you, with a great level of experience enough to provide you with the best of training. 

3. They work out a customised training plan

Personal trainers take into account your strengths and weaknesses and study your body thoroughly before going on to building a customised plan, with the right mix of the required kind of exercises. They help you in getting the best plan out there for you to reap the best results.

4. They even plan your diet

Personal fitness trainers are holistic coaches that take care of your fitness end-to-end. They not only customise a work-out plan for you but also work out a balanced diet plan for you to see consistent weight loss and improved fitness.

5. They instil consistency

They push you to work harder and show up every day, instilling a strong sense of responsibility in you, to take fitness seriously. This way, you end up being motivated and consistent in working out to see better results at a steady pace. 

Personal fitness trainers not only help you in achieving your fitness goals but also help you make fitness a way of life. They make it easy and enjoyable, while also mentoring and guiding you to be a fitter and a healthier version of yourself. Choose to work out with a personal fitness trainer, for they are the best kind of friends who you would have fun working on your health with!

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