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Full-body transformation

Size is not something that determines one’s state of fitness. An absolutely skinny person won’t be able to run 3 flights of stairs, while someone on the healthier side will be able to do it with ease.

But today, fitness enthusiasts not only aim for good health but also focus on getting fit with respect to size. Commonly know as full-body transformation, the concept of full-body transformation is either weight-related, muscle-mass related or health-related – in terms of getting healthier, faster and stronger.

People looking to transform their bodies should be aware of their body, inch-by-inch, both outside and on the inside. Full-body transformation is something that will be achieved over a period of time, with consistent efforts. 

Read on for a few tips that will help you achieve the full-body transformation of your dreams.

Success tips for a full-body transformation

With the concept of full-body transformation becoming a trend, here are a few tips you should keep in mind if you are working towards transforming your body. Since the journey is going to be consistent and long-term, stick to the tips that work out best for you!

1. Build an optimum workout routine

This will involve a lot of trial and error. If you are someone who works out on your own, try out different things till you settle for the kind of workout routine that gives you the best and most importantly consistent results. You can even consider signing up for sessions at a body transformation centre near your place. A professional trainer can aid in your transformation journey and bring substantial results to the table.

2. Focus on striking balance in your workout modules

While working out, your focus should not just be on burning as many calories as possible, but it should also be on achieving a holistic workout for your body. For this very reason, you should focus on striking a balance in the kind of exercises you take up. Space your workouts between the four most important kinds – strength, cardio, flexibility and balance. This way, you won’t deprive your body of the right mix of movement.

3. Your diet is inescapable!

If you are aiming for a full-body transformation, you cannot escape the concept of eating right! A diet is nothing but eating right. While eating in abundance is not going to help despite working out, starving yourself won’t help either. Approach a full-body transformation studio, they will connect you to a dietician who will help you figure out the best diet routine for effective weight loss.

4. Diet, but don’t stop eating your favourite foods!

It is not uncommon to entirely cutting off on favourite foods/fatty food while going on a diet. Don’t do this! While you can avoid eating out, look for healthier alternatives to your favourite dishes – for eg., replace pizza’s maida base, with a wheat base and consume the same occasionally. Find alternatives to processed cheese, like vegan cheese, which is a healthier alternative to packaged cheese

Going on a diet does not mean you stop eating the foods you love. It’s about finding healthy alternatives for the same. This way, your cravings are satisfied without violating the diet code you are following. 

5. Water, the universal solvent for a reason

Water is a magic potion that does its part in helping you lose weight, subtly and quietly. There are many, many benefits of drinking water. It is said that most of the time, our brain mistakes thirst for hunger. Thus, drinking water, when you think you are hungry, can help suppress the same. Drinking at least 500 ML of water half an hour before every meal will help in reducing body weight, body fat and body mass index drastically. Apart from this, it also helps in burning calories and removing waste from the body.

6. Time, take the time your body requires!

Every change in our body happens gradually and weight loss is no stranger to time consumption. If you are looking at a full-body transformation, be prepared to take the time that it is going to take for your transformation. Avoid constant comparison of your yesterday and today. Progress is gradual and happens over a period of time. Practice your routine and go with the flow to reap the best results of the work you have put in. 

7. It is not a process, but a lifestyle shift

A full-body transformation is something that you work towards. To make the journey enjoyable, consider it a lifestyle change. Adopting healthy practices like exercising regularly and eating right, can be a permanent change, of course with cheat meals and days at regular intervals of time. When you look at this as a lifestyle shift, you will find yourself better energised to work towards your goals, while enjoying the process.

full-body transformation is no walk in the park. It requires hard work and mental discipline, which will eventually result in physical discipline as well. Looking at it as a long-term practice will do more good than harm, will help you push through the journey with great endurance, while also making it a pleasurable experience!

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