Ten Quick and Effective Exercises you Can Do at Work.

Working continuously for eight to nine hours can be physically and also mentally demanding. There are companies that run shifts for around 10 hours due to work requirements.

There’s nothing much that one can do about it as businesses are meant to run, and if you need your paycheck every month, then you are supposed to put in your efforts. Complaining about it can be easy but battling it and getting used to it is difficult but effective at the same time. There are many best fitness centers in Chennai but we hardly find time to hit the gym. But it is essential as well. However, while at work one can only dream of going to a gym and workout. It is essential because continuous working not only makes you tired but also puts your health at stake.

There are various ways in which you can cut down your tiredness at work. When a person works for eight hours, he essentially does not put in so much effort that is equal to eight hours. Management often takes a study on the efficiency of its employees and are seldom happy with the results. So, what is it that is not letting them give their 100%? Why do people lack effectiveness at work? These are some of the many common questions that all of us have.

It becomes difficult when our work is efficiency-driven, and your paycheck is based on the number of hours you spent or the deliverables that you make. Getting physically tired is not wrong but you not knowing how to handle it is not the right thing either as at the end of the day it is your work that is at stake. Stress can often be relieved by various methods. You can relax, take a cup of coffee or take a short walk. You can read a book or a newspaper or chat with your friends for a slight distraction. You can also stretch your body and muscles to get relieved of any aches and pains. While some companies have a dedicated room for stress management, others don’t believe in this case there’s nothing wrong in doing some bends and stretches while at your desk. Here are ten quick and effective exercises you can do at work. Set aside some time, say close to 5-10 minutes when you are very tired and do these exercises for better stress management.

Here are the Effective Exercises at Work Place

#1. Headfirst

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Sitting at your desk every day can cause a lot of strain to your neck and shoulders. This can often lead to spinal issues. You taking good care of your backbone is very important. Sit at your desk upright, close your eyes and turn your head slowly from left to right. Next, slowly do it up and down. Now, rotate your head in a clockwise direction and then anti-clockwise. Do these slowly and for 5 minutes repeating them from the beginning. This will ease the muscles and any stiffness in bones. You will instantly feel very comfortable and stress-free.

#2. Wrist it up

You palm and hands work the most. This also includes your finders. Typing continuously, holding a mouse and moving your wrist in a very defined way, all of this can cause an unknowing pain. Stretch your arms straight and place it in equal height to your shoulder. Fold your fists and turn them clockwise and anti-clockwise. Open and close your fingers for five times to ease the finger bones. You will instantly feel some relief once you do this.

#3. Back the bone right

Exercising your neck alone is not complete enough to keep your backbone right. You have to stretch it as well at times to keep it in shape. If you do not look after your backbone, there are high chances that you can get bone deficiency issues. Sit straight on your chair and bend to touch the ground. Then, rise up and put your hands straight in the and bend back a little. Do this a couple of times to ease your backbone. Followed by, stretch your legs straight above the ground level and rest it back on the floor. Do each leg a couple of times.

#4. Ditch the elevator

Why don’t you consider walking up or down the stairs? If your office floor is one or two floors apart, try taking the stairs rather than the elevator. This will help you activate your body and recharge it.

#5. Right your eyes

Your eyes get extremely strained when you work in front of the system for too long. The best way to get rid of tiredness is to use a cool pack. If you have a refrigerator in your office, place cool packs to have them handy. If not, here’s some tips for you. Shut your eyes and move your eyeballs in all directions starting horizontally, then vertically and then diagonally. Also, place some handkerchiefs on your eyes and press them slightly. Most people forget to take care of their eyes while paying attention to all other handy exercises at work.

#6. Handy Lifts

Do you have a water dispenser at your workplace? They will also have water refill cans. If you are looking for some heavy body movement, lift those cans a couple of times. This will also give some good exercise to your arm muscles. You will gain more strength to work when you have strong muscles. You do not have to aim for cuts and bulked up muscles. These are for simple and effective exercises to make your work life a little healthier.

#7. Squat

Find an empty meeting room and do squats. Squats are very effective as they strengthen your calf muscles which almost seem numb or dead with continuous sitting hours. The pressure applied on ankles and feet provides good exercise to them as well. Do in sets of five or ten in repeat for a couple of times. And you are good to go!

#8. Shrug well

Well, though it is seen as one of the expressions, shrugging is actually a good exercise. Lift your shoulders up to your ears and bring them down. Doing this gives a good massage to the back of your arms and also the shoulders that are often strained due to improper sitting position.

#9. Find your friends and count the fans

Sounds interesting, right? By doing this, you are actually exercising a bit. Keep your body straight and turn your head around to spot your friends. Another task is to bend your neck backwards and count the fans or the ventilators or whatever is on the roof. But do this by stretching your hands in the air.

#10. Find a wall

Wall sits are the best exercises. Find a wall, lean your back against the wall and get to a sitting position. Stay like that for five to ten minutes. Stand again and do this for one more time.


There are a lot more things that you can do to ease pain and stress while working. You need to remember the fact that you spend more than half of your day at work and not doing anything about it can cause serious health problems at a later age. Sitting in the right position is one of the things you can do for starters. Most people choose the wrong position to sit, which eventually puts a strain on many parts of the body. Sit right, eat light and get the best out of what you can at work. Follow these simple exercises to balance your body and mind, which will eventually help you gain the best results at work.

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