The difference between cross fit and functional training
Main difference between crossfit and funcional training


This blog will guide beginners to understand the difference between cross-fit and functional training. For people interested in pursuing a fitness routine, you’re at the right place, as we have compiled all the details, pros and cons of both the fitness mentioned above training techniques. Both vary in strength training and immune exercises; however, we will enlist all the significant differences in the following sections, so stay tuned! 

Both functional training and CrossFit focus on overall fitness and strength. They are typically done in group sessions led by a fitness instructor at our place, who will help you through the various steps wholly and thoroughly. 

Both regimens use High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) and are appropriate for people of all fitness levels. That’s about it in terms of similarity. The similarities were discussed to understand better the differences, which will be addressed in the following sections. 

What is Crossfit training? 

  • CrossFit training is a fitness training that demands more physical strength, created for military special operation units, professional athletes, tactical operations, police academics and armed force personnel. 
  • It is an elite and branded fitness regime curated and designed for exercising large portions of the body to enhance physical strength and immunity. 
  • They are proficient in enhancing cardiovascular fitness, respiratory endurance, stamina, immunity, flexibility, and coordination. The main aspects of CrossFit training include weight lifting and gym training, which enhance the individual’s physical fitness. 

Did you know?

  • CrossFit is the largest fitness chain in the world. In a nutshell, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing and evolving corporate chains. 
  • According to CrossFit data and facts, men burn 20.5 calories per minute of CrossFit exercise, while women burn 12.3 calories.

What is functional training? 

  • Functional training is emphasised to enhance physical strength and capabilities by strengthening the musculoskeletal system. 
  • Functional training, as the name suggests, focuses on the functional movements of various body parts, including muscles, and is targeted through specific exercises. 
  • These exercises performed under functional training are implemented to enhance the whole body’s performance to improve the strength and overall balance in your daily activities. 
  • One of the best features of functional training is that the workout is time-based and is unlikely to cause or be prone to any injury. 
  • In a nutshell, one of the significant differences between the two training is that functional training does not involve equipment or weights. 
  • Functional training exercises involve programs that require you to use your body weight, targeting specific muscles, to implement balance and weight appropriately.

Did you know? 

  • Functional training enhances the central nervous system, prevents injuries, improves posture, and increases stability and balance in the body organs
  • Functional training focuses on strengthening the core mobility of the body and improves the stability of the spinal cord and muscle, and helps to develop a better understanding of your body individuals physical fitness responsive body workouts blending better coordination and stability. 
  • How is functional training different from CrossFit training? 

As we have seen and discussed both types of training in the previous sections, we’ll dive deep into the topic to understand several differences between both types of fitness training and which ones to consider as a beginner.

BasisCrossfit trainingFunctional training
Crossfit training would include major gym workouts, weightlifting and other equipment.

Functional training would consist of different levels of exercise intensity to improve coordination and balance in the body. 

Physical capabilities

A CrossFit training program would be limited to a person’s age and physical capacity, performing the workout under an expert coach. 

Age and physical capabilities aren’t crucial for performing the workout. 


 CrossFit training is more prone to injuries compared to functional fitness training. 

Injury rehabilitation is one of the significant criteria for developing functional fitness training.
          ObjectiveCross-fit training focuses on improving personal progress, strength, agility and aerobic fitness.  Functional training aims to enhance muscle strength and fitness for exertion during daily routine activities. 

Several CrossFit gyms split the CrossFit training into three to four sections: warm-up, strength work like muscle ups and stretching. 

It is performed in sequential order: mobility and stability training, movement training, and performance training pushing, rotation)  for efficient movement mechanisms and enhancing fitness during daily routine activities. 


It supports cardiovascular muscle strength, improves joints and builds strong immunity.

It aims to improve muscle movement patterns and mechanisms, increase calorie burn, and enhance coordination and stability.
  • Which training can beginners perform? (things to consider) 

You must be wondering if there is any downtime for CrossFit training. Well, if you’re not adjacent to high levels of intense exercise, or weightlifting, you are prone to injuries subsequently. Functional training is suggested for effective results. 

So we recommend you choose a fitness regime proposed by our fitness trainers that helps in enhancing body stability and balance. 

  • Living in a city would give you a dozen choices to select a Crossfit gym. However, it is not about choosing the gym closest to you. Choosing a gym that offers experienced coaches and community plays a pivotal role. 
  • Check for coaches with ACSM and NASM certifications and in-depth coaching training.
  • Now getting back to workouts performed at home. You would probably not have equipment for a full squat rack, kettlebells and many more. It’s time to choose a gym that accounts for a perfect exercise routine and personal accountability for your fitness. 
  • Which training is proper for you? 

You should research various information sources in whatever training method you use. Professional help with health and fitness training will also be beneficial. Don’t back down from a decision; consistency will help you achieve your goals! We assure you that we have your back and will work with you to achieve your goals! So cheer up! 

  • Tips to improve your functional and CrossFit training
  • It is best to kickstart your fitness routine with a simpler version of functional exercise as a beginner than the complex ones. 
  • Train your body to improve stability and perform exercises that are suitable for enhancing your speed and coordination
  • For functional training, perform exercises under 12-20 repetitions under or less than 60 seconds. 
  • For CrossFit training, work on strict movements and exercise regimes, for example, a strict handstand pushup, to improve muscle strength. 
  • Enjoy your CrossFit training with complete dedication to make a difference, as results will be derived only by coming out of your comfort zones. 

Kickstart your fitness goals with SLAM! 

Start your fitness journey with SLAM, an ideal place to achieve your fitness goals. And we are here to support you in all possible ways and make you healthy and strong. We offer functional fitness training, body transformation and many more services. What are you waiting for? Join us now! 

Bottom line

If you’re interested in pursuing a fitness regime under CrossFit or functional training, SLAM fitness is your one-stop destination for all your fitness goals! There’s no perfect place for achieving your fitness objectives, as our team of dedicated professionals and experts will guide you every step of the way! 


Is CrossFit functional training? 

Crossfit training that includes high-interval intense training consists of functional movements performed in daily routine activities. It would comprise pushing, rotation, squatting and more. 

Can functional training help me get fit? 

The primary benefit of functional training is improving the body’s coordination and balance. It helps to burn calories and enhance muscle mechanism or movement. 

Is CrossFit training a safe workout exercise? 

Yes, CrossFit training can deliver effective results without injuries if performed in a controlled environment under the guidance of certified and experienced coaches while performing intense levels of training. Proper execution and warm-up can prevent injuries. 

Can CrossFit cure heart problems? 

One of the significant benefits of CrossFit training is that it helps to improve cardiovascular strength and endurance. They are more effective when compared to traditional cardio training. 

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