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Talk to our experts and garner valuable insights on several weight loss and gain programs. Are you looking for a workout plan for a weight loss or weight gain plan? Look no further. Your solution is right here. We feature all the workouts you want at our best gym for weight loss in chennai. We’ve covered you with our industry trainers and professionals specializing in the field to give you long-lasting results.

To reduce or gain weight, attend our functional training programs specially curated for you. It will help to cater to your requirements and deliver consistent results precisely.

How your Weight Loss Journey Starts?

Our customized diet plans for our clients are curated and developed, keeping their food nutrition intake and development in mind. People who overindulge in eating before or after workout sessions tend to be under a wrong perception or habit. However, it is vital to follow our diet plans, which are customised and personalized for you. Our trainers make you follow them to burn calories and train you under various fitness programs for effective weight loss and weight gain.

The two halves of the weight-maintenance equation are energy intake (eating and drinking) versus energy output (unintentional physical activity and exercise). As a result, exercise is an essential component of any weight loss programme.slam is known for the best gym in chennai for weight loss.

Benefits of weight loss and weight gain exercises

  • It helps to manage several health issues, like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and many more.
  • It helps to preserve or maintain lean mass according to the body’s recomposition
  • People who want to gain muscle mass should include a proper exercise programme and a caloric surplus diet.
  • Over-caloric expenditure can be increased by incorporating exercise, thereby controlling caloric intake.

Tips for effective body composition

  • Use smartphone apps to track the daily footsteps and physical activity performed.
  • Performing effective walking is required for body stamina.
  • Get out of your chair every 30-60 minutes and walk for 2 minutes.

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