15 Effective Weight Loss And Fat Burning Exercises

Exercising is a fantastic way of pushing your body’s limits and analyzing what your body can do. Weight loss is a life-altering experience and does a great deal of good for your body and mind. 

Weight loss makes you look good, and that goes without saying. But the most important thing about weight loss is that it also has numerous health benefits. 

Obesity is one major problem that mankind is struggling with. Worldwide obesity has tripled in its rate since 1975 and is continuing to grow at a steady pace.

People are slowly realizing the health benefits of exercising and working towards developing and maintaining good health. With more and more people turning towards adopting a Fitness regime; it is essential that everyone needs to be aware of how to lose weight and burn fat effectively. 

Let us look at a few effective weight loss and fat burning exercises. 


Plank is a core strength exercise and can be practised anywhere easily without any workout equipment.

Plank is an exercise which involves maintaining the body position in the pose of pushup but with your hands clenched and pressed against the floor for support. 

Maintaining a plan for a minimum of one minute a day can help burn calories. Plank is a very effective exercise for abdominal fat burning. Planks also help develop a good body posture and improve flexibility. 

2. Boat pose

Boat exercise is a simple exercise which you can practise with the help of a mat. Boat exercise is derived from Yoga and is called as Navasana. 

This exercise includes flexing your body in a boat position. The legs need to be stretched in a 45-degree angle, and the arms and hands stretched out towards the leg with the palm facing toward the floor.

Boat pose can be practised for five breaths and then again after a pause. Boat pose is good for the abdomen, spine, and it also relieves stress.

3. Squats 

Squats is a strength training exercise. A squat is stretching your hands straight in the front with the palm facing the floor and maintaining a sitting posture. 

Squat might seem like an easy exercise but needs body strength to practise. Once you start practising it, your body strength will improve regularly and squats burns a good amount of calories. 

4.Kettle bell swing

The kettlebell swing is an amusing exercise which can be practised with the help of kettlebell equipment. It involves swinging the kettlebell in a pendulum motion from the bottom of your body to eye level in a consistent motion.

 Kettlebell swing can be practised in three kinds; Russian swing, American swing, and sport style swing. Kettlebell swing exercise helps you lose calories and also builds muscle strength. 


Burpees is a strength training exercise and also an aerobic exercise. It starts with going to a squat position with a hand on the ground, then quickly moving the legs back to make a plank pose and then getting back to the squat position to stand up and then repeat the same in a series. 

Burpees is an effective fat burning exercise and builds the muscle strength in legs, hips abdomen and the total lower body. 


Crunches is an effective fat burning exercise and is a popular abdominal exercise. 

Crunches are practised by laying down with knees bent and legs apart and lift the upper body at timely intervals with hands behind the head. Crunches burn abdominal and belly fat and improve body strength. 

7. Jumping rope

You would have played with a jumping rope as a kid. Jumping rope is an effective fat burning exercise, and it is also fun to practise it. 

You have to swing the rope around your body from top to bottom and jump at regular intervals when the rope reaches near the lower part of your body. Jumping rope is a useful exercise to lose weight, and it also builds up your stamina.

8. Supine toe tap

The supine toe tap is an exercise that can be easily practised with the help of a mat. You have to lie down with your legs held in a 90 degree.

 You have to place alternate legs on the floor while still holding the other one in a ninety-degree and repeat it with each leg. Supine toe-tap will help you lose calories and build lower body strength.  

9. Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are practised simply on the floor with a mat. You need to move your legs in cycling. With your hand at the back of your head lift your upper body in 45 degrees and touch your leg or aim to touch your leg with your elbow while continuing the cycling of your legs.

 Bicycle crunches burn fat from the upper and lower body and build strength for the upper and lower body. 

10. Sprints

Sprint is generally practised by sportsmen and is a popular way to burn calories and increase body speed and agility. It also improves the body’s metabolism. 

The best thing about sprints is it burns calories in a short amount of time and also continues to burn fat even after the workout is over. Sprints need to be practised with proper guidance and good warmup.

11. Pushups

Pushups are the most popular exercise. What initially started as a punishment in the military school soon moved on to become a popular exercise widely practiced by many. Pushups are a full-body workout and increase body strength enormously. With burning the fat easily, it also builds up muscle and bone strength.  

12. Pilates

Pilates are a set of exercises which work together in improving the body posture, strength and flexibility. Pilates improves body muscle strength and also helps in developing a proper shape and getting rid of unwanted fat. 

Pilates also improves breathing, concentration and can also be practised by those who face joint and spine injuries. 

13. Cycling 

Cycling is a simple and effective way to burn body fat and build up the stamina. Cycling for an average of 30 minutes per day can improve your body strength and improve your health as well. Cycling decreases blood pressure strengthens your bones, increases joint mobility and much more. 

14. Zumba

Zumba is the most fun way to lose weight. It is an aerobic exercise combined with dance. Zumba is widely practised by many across the country because it adds up spice to exercising. As of 2015, almost 14 million students enrolled in Zumba across 186 countries. Zumba is an effective and fun way to burn calories and build body endurance. 

15. Walking 

Yes, walking it is. The simplest and easiest way to do some good exercise is by walking. Thirty minutes of brisk walking burns to about 150 calories. 

There’s a thing about exercising, if you don’t know how to do it properly it better you don’t do it all, thereby avoiding damage to your body. But walking is one exercise that doesn’t need many rules to be followed. Anyone across any age group can practise walking and shed calories effectively. Walking also has a lot of benefits in terms of physical and mental health and will help you stay fit and healthy. 

Consistency is the key to practising fat burning exercises to lose weight. Initially picking yourself up and convincing yourself to practise an exercising routine can be a little challenging, but once you develop the habit, your body and mind will work magnificently.

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